The following data objects currently have a labels field:

Labels provide context on a record, and are useful for segmentation and user behavioral analysis.

Quick Reference


The following table itemizes Pngme's global labels, with their definitions.

Behavioral Labels


The BettingAndLottery label identifies events associated with gambling behavior.

Depository Account Labels


The ATM label identifies SMS where a user has withdrawn or deposited cash or electronic funds from an ATM.


The AirtimePurchase label identifies events where a user has purchased airtime or data from a mobile provider


The InsufficientFunds label identifies events signaling that a debit transaction could not be completed because the user has insufficient funds in the depository account


The Overdraft label identifies transaction events on depository accounts that cause a negative balance


The POS label identifies SMS that are related to point-of-sale transactions, including point-of-sale purchases, refunds for point-of-sale purchases, electronic point-of-sale transactions, web payments, point-of-sale bank transfers, and point-of-sale ATM transactions.

Loan Account Labels


The LoanApproved label identifies events where a user’s loan has been approved by the institution.


The LoanDeclined label identifies events where a user’s loan application has been declined by the institution.


The LoanDefaulted label identifies events where a user has defaulted on a loan, and events where a user has been reported to the credit bureau due to outstanding debts.


The LoanDisbursed label identifies events where the institution has transferred funds (in one or more transactions) to a user's depository account(s).


The LoanMissedPayment label identifies events where a user has missed the scheduled payment date for a loan.


The LoanRepaid label identifies events where a user has fully repaid a loan.


The LoanRepayment label identifies events where a user has made a loan payment to the institution.


The LoanRepaymentReminder label identifies events where the institution reminds the user of an upcoming loan payment.


The NewLoanOffer label identifies events where a new loan is offered to a user. It is sometimes observed as a targeted advertisement to a user.


The OtherLoanOffer label identifies all loan offer-related events that don't qualify as a new loan offer. For example, a follow-up or continuation loan offer.

M-Pesa specific labels


The P2P label identifies SMS where peer-to-peer transactions occur, involving fund transfers between individuals, and making use of M-Pesa's Send Money service


The Paybill label identifies SMS where payments between 2 parties occur, where one of them is either a bank or a merchant, and the payments make use of M-Pesa's Paybill service.
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