Welcome to Pngme's Technical Specs & API Reference.

The documentation found here will help you both understand Pngme's services and get started with Pngme's REST APIs.

If you do not already have a login to Pngme's dashboard for your organization, please contact Pngme support ([email protected]) and familiarize yourself with admin.pngme.com.


What's New?

Risk Score!

Pngme released an API endpoint for it's risk score machine-learning model. More info here

How does it work?

Send the API your user's phone number and a timestamp. Receive their Pngme risk score & bad-rate prediction. It's that easy!

API references

Use Pngme's REST APIs to programmatically retrieve the data extracted & processed from the SDK in your mobile app. See the API reference section for the REST API specifications. Additional information on the response bodies from the APIs is available in the Anatomy of a * section of the Appendix.

Data accessible via API fall in three main categories.

  1. Models. These APIs provide predictions from data science models. For example, the /decision endpoint for Pngme Risk Score. These endpoints are best for customers looking to immediately implement a risk score in their decisioning flow, or use a Pngme score as a supplemental input into an existing data science model.
  2. Ledger. This API provides the raw records extracted and structured from the SDK. For example, the /ledger endpoint can be used for retrieving the timeseries of transactions for a user, across all institutions. This endpoint is best for customers looking to do custom and foundational work with raw data.


access tokens

All REST API queries are authenticated using a JWT Bearer token.
This access token is available in the Pngme Dashboard, or can be accessed in the Auth Endpoint using your Pngme credentials. The access token resets every 5 hours and needs to be refreshed.


The Appendix section provides supplemental information on Pngme's services, including documentation on Pngme's risk scoring model.