Welcome to Pngme's API Reference Documentation.

Pngme provides a RESTful API for accessing user data gathered on behalf of your organization.

REST Access Tokens

All REST API queries are authenticated using a JWT Bearer token.
This access token is available in the Pngme Dashboard .


Primitive Endpoints

Primitive data objects form the foundation for Pngme's data model.


When the Pngme Android SDK collects data from a mobile phone,
it creates a unique identifier (UUID) for that mobile phone user.
The User and his/her UUID is retrievable via the search capabilities of the /users endpoint.


Institutions belong to a User.
An Institution is a financial institution with which the User has financial information.
An Institution can be a depository account (capital held) or a loan account (capital owed).


Balances belong to an Institution.
For a depository-type account, the balance statement is the capital in an account of the Institution at a given point in time.
For a loan-type account, the balance statement is the principal owed at a given point in time.


Transactions belong to an Institution.
A Transaction is a record of credit or debit event for an account of the Institution.

For both a depository-type and loan-type account, a credit/debit statement is a measure of capital flowing into/out-of an account, respectively.

For example, a credit statement on a depository account would be a deposit in the account, whereas a credit statement on a loan account would be a payment towards outstanding principal owned on the account.


Alerts belong to an Institution.
An Alert record in a labelled event.
For instance, an Alert record might be an SMS message indicating that the User is overdue on a payment, or has defaulted on a loan issues on behalf of the Institution.

Credit Report

A Credit Report belongs to a User.
The Credit Report is a data product that aggregates relevant financial metrics for a User.
Credit Reports are not immediately retrievable.
Credit Reports are generated using a queued job framework.
To retrieve a credit report, a caller must first query the POST creditreport endpoint to retrieve a unique credit report ID.
When the Credit Report generation job is complete, the Credit Report is retrievable via the GET creditreport endpoint.
Average generation time for a credit report is 3 minutes.