Pngme provides a RESTful API for accessing user data gathered on behalf of your organization.

Authn/z: Access Control

The /auth endpoint is used to generate a JWT bearer token.
It takes as input your Pngme web console email address and password.
This token is used to authenticate and authorize all other REST API calls.



Primitive data objects form the foundation for Pngme's data model.


When the Pngme Android SDK collects data from a mobile phone,
it creates a unique identifier (UUID) for that mobile phone user.
The User and his/her UUID is retrievable via the search capabilities of the /users endpoint.


Accounts belong to a User.
An Account is a financial institution with which the User has financial information.
An Account can be a depository account (capital held) or a loan account (capital owed).


Balances belong to an Account.
For a depository-type account, the balance statement is the capital in the Account at a given point in time.
For a loan-type account, the balance statement is the principal owed at a given point in time.


Transactions belong to an Account.
A Transaction is a record of credit or debit event.

For both a depository-type and loan-type account, a credit/debit statement is a measure of capital flowing into/out-of an account, respectively.

For example, a credit statement on a depository account would be a deposit in the account, whereas a credit statement on a loan account would be a payment towards outstanding principal owned on the account.


Alerts belong to an Account.
An Alert record in a SMS text message received by the User which has been labelled with a relevant tag.
For instance, an Alert record might be an SMS message indicating that the User is overdue on a payment, or has defaulted on a loan issues on behalf of the Account.


Derivative data objects are synthesized on top of the Primitive data streams.

Credit Report

A Credit Report belongs to a User.
The Credit Report is a data product that aggregates relevant financial metrics for a User.
A Credit Report is created "on demand" when requested via the RESTful interface,
and uses the most up-to-date information in constructing the credit report.

Debt to Income (DTI)

DTI belongs to a User.
DTI is calculated as the quotient of debit cashflow to credit cashflow, over all Accounts, for some period of time.

Transactions Summary

Transactions summary belongs to a User.
It is a summary of the Transactions primitives, across all Accounts.

Alerts Summary

Alerts summary belongs to a User.
It is a summary of the Alerts primitives, across all Accounts.