Getting Started



This documentation is for SDK v.1.0.34



Welcome to the developer guide for integrating the Pngme SDK. After you integrate the Pngme SDK, you will be able to access user-permissioned, labeled, classified, and structured financial and alternative data through our API and web console.

How it works

The Pngme SDK allows developers like you to access user-permissioned data directly from your users' mobile device. The data is processed, cleaned, and labeled through Pngme's data processing and machine learning pipelines - making the data easy to consume by developers and data scientists. Processed data can be accessed through our web console and API.

The Pngme SDK is responsible for three tasks:

  • Create a User in Pngme’s system, which includes the device hardware identifier (for fraud detection)
  • Show a Dialog flow to the user, requesting SMS permissions (if the user has not already granted SMS permissions)
  • Periodically send a user’s USSD SMS messages to Pngme’s system (running as a background Worker)

SDK user experience

The Pngme SDK offers a simple user experience to collect financial and alternative data stored on a user's device.

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