Going Live With the SDK

Going Live

So you have a working app! Congrats! But... it's not over yet. You will still need to whitelist your app with the Google Play store. This is a special step necessary for any apps that require SMS permissions from the user.

The whitelisting process is not hard, but if you have never whitelisted an app before, you may want assistance. Pngme can offer support in whitelisting your app, free of charge. We'll help you get your app through the approval process faster than you can say Hello World!

If you insist on whitelisting your app without Pngme's assistance, please let us know and we will provide you with instructions. These will help you avoid setbacks when submitting your app for review.


Test and Production Environments

Test SDK and API tokens
Use these for local development and testing. Data sent from apps using the test SDK token will go to a testing environment, and can be accessed using the test API token (or through the Pngme web console).

Production SDK and API tokens
When you launch your app, replace the test SDK token with the production SDK token. All data collected with an app published using the production SDK token will be sent to a production environment, and can be assed using the production API token (or through the Pngme web console).