API response body

  "_meta": {
    "client_uuid": "6415e9a7-9496-4c4e-91c4-e3774cd491ad",
    "user_uuid": "33b6215d-3d75-4271-801c-6da27603a8be"
  "institutions": [
      "institution_id": "equitybank",
      "display_name": "Equity Bank",
      "account_types": ["depository"],
      "account_ids": ["default"],
      "currency": "KES"
      "institution_id": "palmpay",
      "display_name": "PalmPay Limited",
      "account_types": ["depository", "loan"],
      "account_ids": ["5552293"],
      "currency": "NGN"
  "country_currency": "NGN"



The unique identifier for the institution with which the user has an account.


A list of all the account types known to be associated with the institution.


A list of all the account ids known to be associated with the institution for the given user_uuid. It is possible that a user has multiple accounts (e.g. a savings and a checking), in which case Pngme attempts to extract the distinct account_id of each account.

Read more about Account Types.

The presence of a field here does not guarantee that the specific user has an account of this type open with the institution.
Rather, this is a master lookup reference of account types known to be associated with the institution, and for which Pngme can generally extract data.

See the Balance records and Transaction records.


An intelligible name for the institution.


Currency is tricky! This default currency field is extracted as the most common currency observed among all transactions of a given account.

Pngme attempts to extract a currency field for each and every balance and transaction record. Not all balance and transaction records, however, have an extractable currency field. In these cases, it is helpful to use this default.


In addition to the per-institution default currency provided above, Pngme also provides the national currency for the mobile phone user, based on their phone country code.